Skinspiration: A Psoriasis Journey 
For over 30 years, I’ve lived with psoriasis. It’s been a constant source of stress, frustration, and self-consciousness. There have been days when the itching was unbearable, and others where it subsided to a small patch, a persistent reminder that it could flare up again anytime. 
As an artist, though, my psoriasis has also been an unexpected source of inspiration. It’s the impermanence of it, the way it comes and goes, how it creates patterns on my skin, and how some areas now freckle in the sun. Psoriasis has changed my body, my mental health, and even my personality over the years. 
It all began when I was 17. A small patch appeared as I embarked on a trip to Florida. Even the constant sunshine couldn’t make it disappear. Throughout the years, I’ve battled flares – large, red patches that sometimes broke and bled, leaving me uncomfortable and ashamed. I kept my body covered most of the time, fearing the inevitable questions about whether I’d burned myself. 
With each flare, the patches grew bigger. Now, I have a condition called geographical psoriasis, which means I have patches resembling at least three continents on my body. 
But over the past three decades, I’ve grown. I still don’t love my psoriasis, but I’ve learned not to hate myself or get frustrated by the constant care my skin needs to stay calm. 
As a jewellery artist who works with organic textures, my psoriasis has even influenced my creativity. Techniques, like lost wax casting and Keum Boo, have helped me appreciate the beauty in details and imperfections. The contrast in material finishes reflects how dark days can precede the brightness that follows. 
I hope that by sharing my story, I can inspire others who are struggling with psoriasis to embrace their own journeys and find their own creative outlets.