Keum boo Collection

The beauty of light and dark, a two-sided story in molten metal. A modern jewellery collection inspired by centries old tradition.

Keum-Boo: Where Gold Meets Silver, and Light Meets Shadow in the Mind 


Like a landscape, the human mind experiences both sunshine and storm clouds. Keum-boo, the ancient Korean art of applying gold leaf to silver, offers a beautiful metaphor for this duality. Imagine a silver canvas, cool and reflective like a calm lake under a moonlit sky. This is the foundation, the base state of our minds. Then comes the gold, a burst of warmth, the rays of a dawning sun. Delicately applied, the gold dances across the silver, creating stunning contrasts. 

  The process of keum-boo is akin to navigating the complexities of mental health. First, the silver is meticulously prepared, like tending to a garden. Just as weeds need to be cleared for vibrant blooms to flourish, the silver’s surface must be pristine for the gold to adhere. This initial step reflects the importance of self-care – establishing healthy routines and addressing underlying issues that might impede our well-being. 

  Then comes the heat. The silver is gently warmed, coaxing a thin layer of pure silver to the surface. This signifies moments of introspection, where we delve deeper into our thoughts and emotions, bringing hidden vulnerabilities to light. It’s a necessary step, even if it feels uncomfortable, for it prepares the canvas for the transformative power of gold. 

  The gold leaf, fragile yet luminous, represents moments of joy, hope, and inspiration. It’s the laughter shared with loved ones, the creative spark that ignites, or the quiet peace in nature. With careful pressure, the gold is pressed onto the warmed silver, creating a permanent bond. This symbolises integrating positive experiences into our mental well-being, strengthening our resilience against future storms. 


 However, keum-boo isn’t just about stark contrasts. The beauty lies in the interplay of light and shadow.  The textured silver leaves slivers of silver peeking through the gold. These represent the inevitable dark patches in our lives – moments of sadness, loss, or struggle. But just as the moon still shines even on the darkest night, the silver base in keum-boo reminds us that these moments don’t diminish the inherent value and brilliance within. 

  The final piece of keum-boo jewellery is a testament to the mental health journey. It’s a shimmering reminder that our inner landscapes are ever-evolving tapestries, woven with threads of gold and silver. We create a masterpiece of resilience and beauty by embracing both the light and the shadow, the joy and the struggle.

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