Mitsuro Hikime collection

Rivers of stretched silver wrap organically drawing inspiration from nature.

Handcrafted using the ancient Japanese art of Mitsuro Hikime, this limited-edition collection captures the essence of impermanence in stunning jewellery. The technique involves meticulously shaping a unique blend of wax, resulting in pieces with delicate striations that resemble the windswept dunes or the undulating flow of water. Imagine the whisper of a gentle breeze etched in silver, or the shimmering dance of sunlight on a rippling riverbed, forever preserved in precious metal.

Each Mitsuro Hikime creation is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The organic textures tell a story of time’s passage, as unique as a fingerprint. Owning a piece from this collection is to own a conversation starter, a timeless work of art that reflects your appreciation for the beauty found in impermanence.


Own a piece of timeless beauty: Our Mitsuro collection is a limited-edition series of handcrafted jewellery, each one a unique treasure. Register for our Newsletter to be updated on new releases.

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