Bubbles collection

Capture that moment of joy with our Bubble collection. A fun take on modern contemporary jewellery. 

Capture a Fleeting Joy: The Bubbles Collection

Jewellery has the power to connect us – to cherished memories, loved ones, and the emotions we hold dear. Our Bubbles Collection draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese textile art of Shibori, where delicate, rippling patterns are created by meticulously tying and dyeing fabric.

Just like a shimmering bubble, each piece in this collection embodies the fleeting beauty of a cherished moment. Remember the childhood wonder of capturing a soap bubble, its fragile form reflecting a rainbow of colors before softly disappearing? The Bubbles Collection evokes that same sense of delicate joy, a reminder to cherish the fleeting moments that bring us happiness.

Each piece is handcrafted in precious metals, its unique texture reminiscent of the Shibori technique. Owning a piece from the Bubbles Collection is like holding onto a memory, a reminder of the simple yet profound joys that life offers.

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