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Hello! I’m Angie

Jewellery Designer

Artist Statement

A collection of demi-fine jewellery. Using traditional techniques of lost wax casting. I combine Japanese techniques such as Keum boo, Shibori and Mitsuro to create and inspire my work. Inspired by the mindfulness of making my work I seek to capture moments, being present in the moment.

Shibori inspires the Bubbles collection and seeks to capture the emotion of joy.
Keum boo highlights the contrast of light and darkness which can appear in life.
Mitsuro, the uniqueness of the space we inhabit and the fragility of life itself.
The inner dialogue of my work can be explored by anyone who touches each piece.

Each piece is created individually and seeks its wearer to discover new aspects of shape, colour, texture and form.

The Woodland collection was my first full jewellery collection drawing inspiration from found items on nature walks which were grounding to me in a time of great emotional upheaval. These found items made me see the beauty in the details, they were my first foray into the world of lost wax casting, with many pieces being direct copies of nature. These pieces allowed me to learn and push the boundaries of wax casting.

Discovering my love of organic shapes the Bubbles collection was born.
The Bubbles Collection, part of my university studies in ceramics and fine Metal at Staffordshire was about capturing the ephemeral nature of the moment of joy. This led me to discover the traditional creative techniques of Shibori and in turn, creative decorative techniques used for centuries by Japanese artists.
In 2020 I set up my studio, and have set along a path of self-exploration. Discovering how the application of these techniques has allowed me to grow as a maker, a creative and within my emotional growth as time and life passes.


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