Handmade Jewellery By Angie

Your story is important and so is that of the jewellery you choose to wear. From ethically made modern designs, to remodels of sentimental jewellery each piece holds a story of memories, traditions and connections to a time gone by.  

Jewellery is all about connection, be it a person, an event, a time or even a feeling. Expression through jewellery has never been so easy to access. Fast fashion has made jewellery, novel, fun and sadly ultimately disposable.

 Red Hill seeks to bring a slower take on modern jewellery. Created uniquely for the individual with precious metals that are connected to family and times gone by.

Angie Hill

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Bubbles Collection

Bubbles Re-imagined
Bubbles collection


Discover new collections, stories behind our sentimental remodels and uncover new pieces as they are created.

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